KR Physiotherapy

Sports Injury Specialist

Available Treatments: 


Sports massage is an effective way of maintaining the normal mobility and health of the soft tissue structures that are part of the musculoskeletal system of the body.  It is an essential tool for professional athletes who push their bodies on a daily basis in training and competition, aiding recovery and injury prevention.  

Sports massage could also help you.  No matter if you do sport or not, it can be an important factor in keeping you at your physical best, preventing issues which can lead to injury.  

Manual Therapy 

Manual therapy techniques are used to correct the alignment of the joints . This will help reduce pain and ensure optimal loading of your body. These may include spinal and joint mobilisations and manipulations, ‘muscle energy techniques’ and ‘myofascial release’.


The use of Acupuncture in the West has increased greatly over the last couple of decades and is widely used in the NHS. Recent research has demonstrated that Acupuncture is able to help with a number of painful conditions through the stimulation of the body's own neural network. In addition there is evidence that Acupuncture is able to release tight muscles often the source of both discomfort and decreased function.

Kiah uses Acupuncture in the treatment and management of a variety of musculoskeletal conditions including back and neck pain, tension headaches, and other joint pain associate with arthritis.

Preventative/Prehabilitation Programmes and Functional Screening

Avoiding injuries is always preferable to having to treat them once they are present.  A functional movement screen is undertaken normally in the absence of pain or injury and is used to determine areas of weakness or poor flexibility that are likely to result in injury or pain if left untreated.  Functional screening highlights subtle and often not so subtle defaults with athlete’s co-ordination, balance and control. Through highlighting these issues we can then design a specific and individual programme for each athlete that compliments their training and
aims to help you avoid getting injured in the first place.

Strength and Conditioning 

Strength & conditioning (S&C) is the design and delivery of sport specific training programmes created to meet specific metabolic and biomechanical needs. The role of the S&C coach is to bridge the gap between the theory of training and applied training, helping athletes to become faster, stronger and more flexible and to build their muscular endurance so they perform better and remain injury free.

Strength & conditioning is not just about lifting weights - it encompasses everything the athlete needs to improve physical performance. This includes plyometrics, speed and agility, endurance and core stability, with strength training being just one piece of the jigsaw.